Vittorio Gerosa

VitorrioRole: Doctoral Researcher & Teaching Assistant

Admin: MANCEPT Workshops Organiser 2019


I am a Phd researcher at the University of Manchester. The purpose of my research is that of assessing the possible role and functioning of so-called “deliberative mini-publics” (DMP) in our contemporary representative democracies. In the last decade, our political systems have witnessed a proliferation of innovative institutional devices aimed at increasing popular participation in political decision-making. Public consulations, citizens assemblies and alike are today widely advocated for their alleged ability to both improve the efficacy of public policies and repair for the democratic deficit of our complex societies. Within the field of political theory, we also find proposals conceiving DMP as the most promising way to realise deliberative democracy in large-scale social systems, so that they are often perceived as part of an unavoidable, and eventually desirable, process of parcelisation of the democratic public-sphere. Nevertheless, the democratic pedigree of DMP has also been questioned, sometimes. The aim of my research is, thus, that of determining whether an extensive use of DMP can actually be justified as democratic improvement.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Political and Democratic Theory, Deliberative Democracy, Deliberative Systems, Neo-Republicanism, Pragmatism

ACADEMIC SUPERVISORS: Dr. Christian Schemmel Dr. Miriam Ronzoni

EDUCATION: MA – Philosophy and Political Theory, University of Manchester; MA – Philosophical Methods, University of Genoa; BA – Philosphy, University of Genoa.

TEACHING 2017; 2018 – Teaching Assistant, “Challenges to Democratic Politics”, University of Manchester, Second year undergraduate course.

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