What is Gender and What Do we Want it to Be?


Jaana Virta (Tampere University): jaana.virta@tuni.fi

***ALL TIMES ARE UTC TIMES (ECT -4 hours, BST +1 hour, etc.)***

Tuesday 8th September

Metaphysics of Gender

13.00–14.00 –  Jaana Virta: Welcome to the Workshop

14.00–15.00 –  Keynote: Ásta: “Descriptivism about Gender”

(30 minutes break)

15.30–16.30 –  Phillip Yoon: “A Step Towards Achieving Gender Justice: The Consideration of Gender Self-Identification”

16.45–17.45 –  Jade Fletcher: “Defending the Nonseparability Argument for Gender Nominalism”

18.00–19.00 –  Gabrielle Bussell: “Feminist Theory, Gender Identity, and Liberation from Patriarchal Power: An Argument for an Ascriptive Account of Gender”

Wednesday 9th September

Conceptual Approaches to Metaphysics of Gender

13.00–14.00 –  Keynote: Esa Diaz-Leon: “A contextualist response to gender-critical views”

14.15–15.15 –  Matthew Cull : “For an Ameliorative Semantic Pluralism”

(30 minutes break)

15.45–16.45 –  Madhavi Mohan: “Descriptive and Normative Grounds for Understanding Genders as Essentially Contested”

17.00–18.00 – Claudia Mazzuca and Matteo Santarelli: “Politicized concepts as abstract concepts: the case of gender”

18.15–19.00 –  Chatting about the themes of the first two days with coffee/tea/drink

Thursday 10th September

Metaphysics of Gender Identity / Metaphysics of Gender II

13.00–14.00 –  Keynote: Katharine Jenkins: “Gender Pluralism and the Constraints and Enablements Framework”

14.15–15.15 –  Matthew Turyn: “The need for epistemic first-person authority”

(45 minutes break)

16.00–17.00 –  Joshua Petersen: “Who (gets to be) a lesbian? Identity gatekeeping and the relevance of metaphysics to political praxis”

17.15–18.00 –  Chatting about the themes of the day with coffee/tea/drink

Friday 11th September

Future of Gender

13.00–14.00Keynote: Robin Dembroff : “Problems with Patriarchy”

14.15–15.15 – Danny Weltman: “Gender Abolitionism: Not Now, But Late”

(45 minutes break)

16.00–17.00Giuseppe Vicinanza: “The trans-gender society. Thoughts for a future manifesto”

17.15–18.00Conclusion + Planning how to smash the patriarchy asap

WARNING: The keynote talks focus around the theme of their day only by change.

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