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I am a Senior Lecturer in Political Theory working at the University of Manchester. I have research and teaching interests across contemporary political theory, and especially in the areas of distributive justice, equality of opportunity and education, and the distribution of parental rights. In my research and teaching I use the methods of analytic political theory to shed light on important and pressing practical debates about real world problems. For more information about my research and working papers see my personal website.


I have taught on a wide range of courses at undergraduate and graduate level. The courses for which I am primarily responsible are:

  • Arguing about Politics (2nd year UG)Children, the Family and Social Justice (3rd Year UG)Political Theory Research Training (MA)The Ethics of Killing (MA)

Course outlines are available on the MANCEPT teaching page.

You can download teaching and study materials I have created here.

Supervision: I would be pleased to provide doctoral supervision on justice and the family/children, sufficientarianism and its rivals, and more generally on distributive justice. Prospective doctoral students are welcome to contact me via email.

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