Brave New World 2019

Brave New World 2019- Conference Programme –


Monday 10th of June

(11.30 - 12.30) - Registration and Lunch

(12.30 – 14.00) – Plenary Session 1

  • Alice Baderin (University of Reading) – Political Theory and Public Opinion
(14.00 - 14.15) - Coffee Break

(14.14 – 16.00) – Session A

Panel 1Personhood, Autonomy and Moral Status

Chair: Giacomo Floris
  • Matthew Perry (University of Manchester) – ‘Potential People and Superchimps: Do Infants Have the Same Right-Status as Chimpanzees?’
  • Matilda Carter (University College London) – ‘What is the Purpose of Caring for People Living with Moderate to Advanced Dementia?’

Panel 2Republicanism

Chair: Tawan Manakun
  • Davide Pala (University of Manchester) – ‘A Republican Approach to Human Rights’
  • Ezechiel Thibaud (Lignan University) – ‘Freedom as Non-Domination and Orthonomy’
(16.00 - 16.15) - Coffee Break

(16.15 – 18.00) – Session B

Panel 1Deliberative Democracy

Chair: Vittorio Gerosa
  • Victor Sanchez-Mazas (University of Geneva) – ‘The Systemic Turn in Democratic Theory: Bypassing the Deliberative Primacy and Avoiding Functionalist Shortcomings’
  • Kasim Khorasanee (University College London) – Why Politicians Should be (Somewhat) Close-Minded?’

Panel 2Emancipatory Politics

Chair: Davide Pala
  • Molly Powell (University of Manchester) – ‘What is Privacy?’
  • Charles des Portes (University of Leeds) – ‘Between Liberation and Liberty: The Question of Freedom in Feminist Political Theory’
Drinks Reception Followed by Dinner at HOME at 20.00

Tuesday 11th of June

(9.00 - 9.30) - Coffee

(9.30 – 11.15) –  Session C

Panel 1Morally Impermissible Contracts

Chair: Vittorio Gerosa
  • Dmitry Sereda (National Research University – Higher School of Economics) – ‘Prostitution as a problem of Political Philosophy: An Argument Against Normalisation’
  • Kai-Li Cheng (University of Warvick) – ‘Exploitation and Commodification: Two Conceptual Conncetions’

Panel 2Economic Basic Structure

Chair: Tawan Manakun
  • Lukas Fuchs (University College London) – ‘Picking a Direction: Growth and State Neutrality’
  • Georg Schmerzeck (Independent Researcher) – ‘The Monetary System of the Well-Ordered Society’
(11.15 - 11.45) - Coffee Break

(11.45 – 13.30) –  Session D

Panel 1Perspectives on Immediate Futures

Chair: Vittorio Gerosa
  • Johan Andreas Trovik (Princeton University) – ‘What is (post-)work?’
  • Max Smith (University of Notre Dame) – ‘The Virtual Public Sphere: Arendt and Habermas on the Future of the Social Internet’

Panel 2Social Justice and Stablity

Chair: Jeannine Bringmann
  • Markus Trengove (University College London) – ‘Can Vulnerable Groups use Violent means to Resist Socio-Economic Injustice?’
  • Krupa Patel (Harvard University) – ‘The Envy of the World: International Envy and Global Inequalities’
(13.30 - 14.30) Lunch

(14.30 – 16-15) Session E

Panel 1Rights and Consent

Chair: Molly Powell
  • Susan Kennedy (Boston University) – ‘Resurrecting the Child’s Right to an Open Future’
  • Karamvir Chadha (University of Cambridge) – ‘Sexual Consent and Having Sex Together’

Panel 2Migrations: Crisis & Cooperation

Chair: Tawan Manakun
  • Eleonora Milazzo (European University Institute) – ‘Failing Solidarity: Assessing EU Members States’ Motives for Non-Compliance in the Crisis of the EU Asylum System’
  • Hallvard Sandven (University of Oxford) – ‘The Legitimacy of Border Control: On the Applicability of the ‘Adequate Range of Options’ Argument’
(16.15-16.30) Coffee Break

(16.30 – 18.00)Plenary Session 2

  • Stuart White (University of Oxford) – ‘Remaking the UK’s Constitution: Philosophical, not just Institutional’


If you want to attend please send an e-mail to before the 31st of May, as places are limited.  



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